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Emoji Art & Design Show // December 12-21, 2013 at Eyebeam

The Annual HallowMEME Costume Party // 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009

STFU Parents Book Shower // April 2013 at Housing Works Bookstore Cafe Art Partie // September 6, 2012 at The Dumbo Loft

We've Got Mail: An Interactive You've Got Mail Experience // February 15, 2012 at Housing Works Bookstore

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Oh hey, it’s kellyreeves speaking on a panel about side hustles at Boston’s Up Up Down Down Conference.


Want Emojinal Art IRL? 

Featured in the first ever Emoji Art & Design show, we are auctioning off our rendition of Raphael’s Sistine Madonna! The money from the winning bid will be donated to support this AWESOME art project from Ms. Brown’s class at Funds from this project will help students from Propel Charter School in PA decorate their new Creative Arts space by showcasing the history of music + art through different mural paintings. 

You can find the auction listing here and it’s free shipping so 100% of your bid will go to this great cause. Any bit you can give to this project goes a long way! 

Grab some of dat emoji art for a good cause! 

The world’s first all-emoji art & design show, produced by Forced Meme Productions in partnership with Eyebeam & GroupMe, received massive acclaim across tech, arts, media, and mainstream press. Check out some of the highlights below:

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Fox 5 News visits the Emoji Art & Design Show at Eyebeam… and more importantly, asks some folks on the street what they think about our favorite icons.

Emoji is very universal,” Ms. Wortham, a tall woman with thick-rimmed glasses, said, “but there’s also a cultural agreement that the definitions mutate and change depending on who you’re talking to and what you’re talking about. It’s rare that language has that fluidity and that flexibility.

‘I Have No Words’: Talking Emoji at Eyebeam | Gallerist

There’s a great recap on Saturday’s Emoji Art & Design Show panel discussion, moderated by FMP’s Lindsey Weber, up on Gallerist


Celebrating emoji: artists get physical with the classic smiley face

Spanning mediums from video to composite posters, the works in the Emoji Art and Design Show treated our favorite smiling piles of poo and flying rocket ships with all the ambiguity they deserve. Some artists interpreted them literally: Ramsey Nasser, who recently finishing building a programming language in Arabic, created what he calls a “universal programming language” based on the symbols, which he says are far more intuitive for use by an international community. And Emoji Dick, a translation of Moby Dick, enlisted the crowdsourced labor of Mechanical Turk to transpose each of the classic book’s 10,000 sentences. Others took a more sinister route — in one set-up, artist Fito Segrera contorted his face into facsimiles of popular emoji, muscle stimulators attached to his face.

Due to popular demand, the Emoji Art & Design Show has been EXTENDED through Saturday, December 21!!!!

Join us this afternoon (Saturday, 12/14) for the panel 'I Have No Words: Emoji And The New Visual Vernacular' featuring some of our curatorial committee members and artists, beginning at 3pm at Eyebeam.

And if you haven’t seen the show yet, c’mon by: the show will also be open to the public at Eyebeam between noon and 6pm from Tuesday 12/17 to Saturday 12/21.

See all information on the exhibition at


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(via Butter Team: Emoji Art Show Mix)

Download DJ WZ aka BUTTER TEAM’s epic mix from last night’s Emoji Art & Design Show party! Click thru to see & download.

The show is up today and tomorrow — don’t miss it!

(via At a Chelsea Gallery, It’s All Smiles -

Great preview of this weekend’s Emoji Art & Design Show today on including sneak peeks of work from artists Matthew Rothenberg, Maya Ben-Ezer, and Zoë Burnett.