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The Annual HallowMEME Costume Party // 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009

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We've Got Mail: An Interactive You've Got Mail Experience // February 15, 2012 at Housing Works Bookstore

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Theme From Cash Cats


A Must Download, if there every was one. 

The photo booth pics from last week’s Art Partie are live — check ‘em out on Facebook and tag yourself, tag a friend, tag a cat.

The Art Partie lit up the financial, art, and feline press — here’s what they said:

"To [ founder Will] Zweigart, the site’s evolved into much more than just another goofy cat meme. It’s exclusive and artistic—a gallery-like space for people who love photos of cats, money, and cats with money. ‘It’s getting real,’ he says of Cashcats’s evolution into fine art." - Bloomberg Businessweek

"With the gallery showing the site set a new bar for Tumblrs everywhere by colonizing the brick-and-mortar universe with original content." - Motherboard

"The hipster cat event of 2012." - TIME

"The fashionable crowd was able to bid on the pieces for the charity BARC, which included a beautifully realized monocle-rocking Pusheen and an amazing taxidermy piece by Divya Anantharaman." - Refinery 29

"Caternet history was made when the cat tumblr Cash Cats had a real life art show at The Dumbo Loft in Brooklyn." - Buzzfeed

"A taxidermy kitten [made] for the show … perched on a tiny velvet couch, forever reaching its paw toward a string of $100 bills hanging from the ceiling." - Wall Street Journal

"To those who think that the art world has gone to the dogs, be advised: Cats are making a run at it, and they are adorable, well-endowed and heavily armed.
The scene of the revolution? An obscure swath of Brooklynesque cyberspace called Ca$” - Huffington Post


Photos: Art Partie: How the One Purrcent Really Live

Thanks to everyone who came out last night for Cashcats — with your help and ca$h, we raised over $2,000 for Brooklyn’s BARC animal shelter. The photobooth pictures will be appearing on the internet soon — until then, enjoy these pics from Laughing Squid.


Taken with Instagram at Ca$hCat$ Art Show & Partie


Hi. I’m going to use this tumblr thing of mine to talk a little bit about a painting I made for the show that opens tonight. I’d like to use this space a little more to write about art and art-like things. I’m announcing this because there are a lot of you follower people (53,000+) and I think you mostly come for the pictures or are zombie bots. In that case you have already ignored this post because of the many words. I miss you but I understand. This is going to be a pretty casual tone. You can unbutton your collar or loosen your corset if you’d like.

Feedback would be cool too. I encourage you to message me or contact me on the internet. Cool, thanks : )

Litterary Culture

This painting is a cartoon portrait of an Objectivist cat. He’s rich and proud. He’s a rugged individualist- a cat of genius, a captain of industry. I’m offering a direct and laughable explanation as to why this cat has a pile of cash. It’s a schlocky painting in the vein of Cassius Coolidge’s ‘Dog’s Playing Poker.’ Anthropomorphism as absurdist satire.

It’s not a great painting or even a good one. As I’m making it, I’m trying to ‘paint well.’ This is similar to a schoolboy trying to really nail his arithmetic. It’s proper and polite painting that irritates everyone except elementary school teachers. Certain kids also think this kind of painting is cool. They are the introverts and weirdos who have favorite Roald Dahl stories. I am one of those kids (The BFG or Danny, Champion of the World) and I am trying to imagine myself as the court painter to a very privileged cat. It’s an important job I keep telling myself. This is a very important cat.   

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Honored to have Mr. Nic Rad be part of tonight’s Art Partie. ‘Catlas Shrugged’ is truly our generation’s ‘Last Supper’. Or our generation’s ‘Dogs Playing Poker’.

Ca$ Art Exhibit Will Be The Hipster Cat Event of 2012 - TIME NewsFeed

TIME previews Thursday’s Ca$ art partie. Check out the sneak peek pics and don’t forget to RSVP (required).


pusheen the cat and silent drape runners* will b at the C$C$ art partie

will u? rsvp here

(*they made a special C$C$ mix in case u can’t join)



dear C$C$ fans

we r creating a special art partie just 4 u.

rsvp here. (space is limited)

u can submit artwork 4 consideration in the show here.

Cats + Cash + Art + Partie